otherwise happy couples

can achieve a sex life that  is easy and fun for both of them so they can enjoy their sex life with zero stress.

Become An Easily Intimate Couple

How to Make Sex Easy & Fun for Both of You

This free webinar helps you take the stress out of sex and make it something you both look forward to.

Touchy Feely™ Cards

Touchy Feely™ Cards are specifically designed to help couples deepen their connection through the exploration of touch and sensation. 

Higher Desire Partner Secret Podcast

This 6 episode podcast helps heterosexual men who wish their partner wanted more sex get their partner on board to talk about and improve their sex life.

Lower Desire Partner Secret Podcast

This 6 episode series helps you understand your lack of desire and what to do to want sex again so it never feels like a chore.

Intimacy With Ease Online Course

Intimacy With Ease is an online course for couples wanting to simplify their sex life and create a fulfilling experience together. Perfect for couples in happy relationships seeking to enhance their intimacy.


Is your relationship good, but your sex life…not so much?

Has sex become stressful, disappointing, or anxiety provoking?

Do you avoid sex?

Are you baffled by how this can be so difficult when the rest of your relationship works well?

You may be what we’ve come to call “bedroom burdened.”


How do you become easily intimate?

You need a program that combines the four essential elements to an easy, joyful sex life.

You need a guide to help you move through the  process and overcome any obstacles that arise.

You need a willing partner and a few hours a week.


Here’s why couples end up in gridlock


Without a clear process to uncover the expectations that have you stuck, to reframe how you think about sex, and to practice the fundamental shifts in mindset and behavior that you need, most couples end up more polarized about their sex life, with one person feeling more urgency and one feeling more pressure.

They fall into the trap of feeling like they have different goals and different priorities, with no clear way to work together and no sense that anything can change for the better.

Here’s why this is crippling


As you try to make your sex life better and hit these dead ends, you feel less and less like a team. Even when you’re great together in so many areas of your life, you start to feel distance between you in the area of intimacy.

Over time, you can start to feel hopeless that your sex life could be easy and enjoyable for both of you. You resign yourself to a reality where you’re not having as much sex as you’d like, you’re having sex you don’t want, or at least one of you is avoiding sex whenever you can. Sex starts to feel like the weight dragging the rest of your relationship down, and it’s harder and harder to relax and feel good about each other and your shared life.

That’s why finding a way to address this together is so important.


Intimacy With Ease

Is an online course for couples wanting to simplify their sex life and create a fulfilling experience together. Learn to navigate desire discrepancy, build positive emotions, and feel more connected than ever before. Access Q&A sessions with a certified sex therapist to avoid obstacles on your journey. Perfect for couples in happy relationships seeking to enhance their intimacy. Inside, you:

Creates a new paradigm for sex & intimacy that means you cannot fail.

Learn about the myths and expectations that keep you stuck, expand your understanding of how sex and intimacy work in relationship, and learn the rules of the road for great relationships. This is crucial for setting you up for success.

Gets you and your partner on the same page to tackle this as a team.

Learn how to talk about your issues constructively, open up dialogue about your upbringing and past experiences that may relate to your struggles, and each take responsibility for your part in the dynamics. This is important so that you can work together while still focusing on your individual growth.

Equips you with real world exercises to practice what you learn.

Use structured exercises and experiential learning to practice the ideas and concepts you’re learning, turning it into actual change and transformation. This is fundamental so that you don’t just think about change but get to embody it.

Focuses on learning from your experiences to cement change for the long term.

Use what happens as you move through the program to learn where to focus your attention so that you continue to transform your sex life. This is key to creating lasting and sustainable change.

image showing all four pillars of the intimacy with ease method and why you need all four

About Me

I help people who long to share a great sex life with their partner, but who find themselves feeling distant, disconnected, anxious or at odds about sex instead because they’ve struggled with desire discrepancy with their partner.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned as an AASECT certified sex therapist and the experiences I’ve had working with hundreds and hundreds of couples over the years to craft a program to help you transform your sex life into something you both look forward to.

Intimacy with Ease is not just a description of the problem and what’s got you stuck; it’s an implementation program that walks you through a process where you can change your experience.

Yes, you’ll learn about myths and mindsets that will reframe sex for you, but you’ll also go through a step by step process to have the conversations that matter, to identify what you each need to change, and to practice these changes so they become integrated into your sex life.

The end result: ease and joy in your sex life that will help you adapt to any challenges you face now or in the future.


“This course was excellent and so so helpful. It honestly was just what we needed. The modules were great and the homework was helpful as well and really got us thinking through things. It also enabled us to have much healthier conversations around sex than we have had in the past. Your insights and tools have been so beneficial.”

“Your class has been life-changing for us. We’d found your work through your podcast a few months earlier and had begun to incorporate some of your ideas and strategies. Although that was helpful and provided a good starting point, the class really helped us take our work together on our sex life to the next level. As a result, we’re in a significantly better place as a couple.”

“My husband and I found it very helpful, and we’ve already seen a vast improvement in our sex life! We went from a sexless marriage to having regular ‘playground’ time.”

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