Healing After Infidelity: Insights and Strategies with Rich Heller

In this episode of the Better Sex Podcast, host sex therapist Jessa Zimmerman welcomes back relationship expert Rich Heller to discuss the complex issue of infidelity recovery. They explore the various reasons behind infidelity, the different forms it can take, and the steps toward healing after a breach of trust. Rich emphasizes the importance of understanding and recognizing both partners’ roles in the relationship dynamics that may lead to infidelity. The conversation covers topics such as emotional versus physical infidelity, the necessity of honest communication, personal responsibility, and the steps required to rebuild trust. Rich also shares his professional experiences and introduces his mental and emotional release techniques aimed at relationship healing.

00:00 Welcome to Better Sex: Navigating Infidelity
00:52 Understanding Infidelity: Definitions and Dynamics
02:24 Exploring the Gray Areas of Infidelity
03:59 The Impact of Children and Intimacy Challenges
04:25 Navigating Emotional Connections and Trust Breaches
08:38 Recovering from Infidelity: Accountability and Healing
16:23 The Role of Communication and Responsibility in Relationships
20:59 Inviting Reflection on Contribution and Culpability
22:36 Confronting Denial in Relationships
24:24 The Signs of Infidelity: A Deep Dive
25:43 Healing from Infidelity: Steps and Strategies
25:54 Understanding the Dynamics of Infidelity
28:14 The Role of Personal Responsibility in Healing
35:09 Exploring Solutions: Therapy and Beyond
39:07 Accessing Support: Workshops and Consultations

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Rich Heller MSW, CPC, ELI MP

Rich is a “Conflict Coach” who works with people engaged in high levels of conflict so that they can create cooperation out of conflict. He works with individuals and couples, focusing on how they can have a relationship that works with minimum friction and maximum support for their children. Additionally Rich helps organizations and businesses transform destructive conflict into a vehicle for change and innovation.
He went to Vassar College for his BA, Hunter School of Social Work for his MA, a trained in mediation with the Center for Understanding in Conflict, and trained in Parent Coordination through the AFCC. He is a Certified Professional Coach, and an ELI Master Practitioner.
No stranger to conflict, Rich Heller grew up in NYC, is a child of divorce, has been divorced, and successfully remarried. He and his partner Katherine have been married for over 20 years and launched six children into the world.

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