Understanding and Treating Erectile Dysfunction with Dr. Jeff Nuziard

In this episode of Better Sex, host Jessa Zimmerman welcomes Dr. Jeff Nuziard to discuss erectile dysfunction (ED). They delve into the misconceptions around ED, particularly the false notion that blood flow is the primary issue. Dr. Nuziard shares his personal journey with ED, beginning at age 40, and his research which led to developing a patented treatment protocol that focuses on hormone balance and collagen regeneration. The episode explores traditional and new treatment methods, including hormone replacement therapy, PRP shots, and acoustic shockwave therapy, emphasizing the importance of treating the root cause rather than just the symptoms. They also touch on the broader implications of hormone imbalance and collagen loss in both men and women, showcasing innovative treatment options available through Sexual Wellness Centers of America and RegenMax.

00:00 Welcome to Better Sex: Unveiling the Show

00:51 Diving Deep into Erectile Dysfunction: A Tough Topic

01:40 Dr. Jeff Nuziard’s Personal Journey and Breakthrough in ED

06:29 Unraveling the Myths of Erectile Dysfunction

08:50 The Hormonal Connection: Testosterone’s Role in Aging and ED

13:58 A New Perspective on Hormone Levels and Health

16:02 The Future of Hormone Testing and Management

18:36 Navigating Sexual Wellness: Understanding Hormonal Balance

19:19 Breaking the Silence: Addressing Desire Discrepancy

20:01 Exploring Traditional Treatments for Sexual Dysfunction

22:17 Innovative Solutions: Beyond Conventional Therapies

26:37 Revolutionizing Sexual Health: The RegenMax Protocol

29:30 Expanding Horizons: Treating Women’s Sexual Health

33:23 Beyond Sexual Functioning: Broader Applications of Regenerative Techniques

34:20 Accessing Treatment: How to Connect with RegenMax

36:30 Closing Thoughts: The Journey to Sexual Wellness

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After a twenty-year career as a CFP, Dr. Jeff Nuziard completely reinvented his life after finding himself wholly a-sexual and unable to perform at the age of 40. After selling his financial book of business, he was determined to fix this performance issue without the use of pills or surgery. After 15 years of study, research, development, and testing, he discovered the actual cause of Erectile Dysfunction and how to reverse and cure the problem. After completing a 250-patient clinical study, this discovery led to a Doctorate in Bio-Medical Science and the issuance of the only Globally patented cure for Erectile Dysfunction with a 97.2% success rate. This patented multi-modality cure is known as REGENmax®.

Jeff Founded and oversees Sexual Wellness Centers of America, LLC in 2020, located in Colleyville, Texas, where his staff treats both ED and Vaginal dysfunction. While maintaining a 97.2% success rate and the Patent issued, Jeff now spends his time teaching and working with practitioners to obtain licensure for his protocols and help people worldwide.

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