Listen to “#18: Dr. Sara Nasserzadeh – A New Perspective on Passion”

How important is passion?

The place of Love across cultures

In this episode of Better Sex, Dr. Sara Nasserzadeh unwraps her theory of love in two categories: submergent and emergent. She describes the difference between the two and how cultures have different expectations about love and passion. She dissects each journey and love cycle as people typically experience it. She shares an interesting find about successful couples having the foundation right, then letting the love emerge.

The question of love from friendship comes up. Tune in to learn what Dr. Sara thinks about this and what the defining factors are for a harmonious relationship.

The Sharp Orange Color

We chat about the yearning people have for each other (playfully labeled as the Sharp orange color by Dr. Sara). She shares the impact of a healthy foundation once the orange color phase has passed. Her beautiful description for this is a rainbow kind of love.

Join in to hear the secret of a rainbow relationship, it’s ingredients and why it works.

Differences in culture

After discussing her thoughts on arranged marriages, Dr. Sara outlines the different competencies that rank as priorities in different social or cultural contexts.

The different perceptions of relationships are brought up for western cultures as we discuss the fantasies people  adopt as ‘normal.’

Daily findings and advice

Dr. Sara offers some advice for submergent types of relationships that want to try and build an emergent type of love.

“Language is the least effective way to communicate with someone” – a belief Dr. Saras shares before she dives into analyzing what couples do when they ‘spend’ time together.

She has an interesting way of re-branding relationships once couples walk through her door. She touches on the questions couples bring up, the hurt and the past and shares her method around that to ensure couples still move forward.

Sex across cultures

You won’t want to miss Dr. Sara’s findings on sex and its reflection of power as well as its weight in relationships. She opens our eyes to the sexual confusion found in submergent relationships versus healthier emergent relationships.

About our guest

Dr. Sara Nasserzadeh, Ph.D. is a Social Psychologist and a thought leader in the fields of Cultural Literacy, Sexual Health, and Relationships. She is an award-winning author and a sought-after speaker and educator. As a former member of the International Federation of Journalists, Dr. Sara is the host of a BBC World Service program on sexuality and relationship issues, which received the BBC’s Innovation of the Year Award in 2007. This program is still ongoing and reaches millions of Farsi-speaking audience across the globe. Dr. Nasserzadeh has been consulted as a senior cultural advisor by governments, international NGOs, professional organizations and private sector across 37 countries.

In 2007, her international work in the area of human development and sexuality education received the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS) runner-up award for Excellence and Innovation. In 2011, she was a winner for the Pfizer Inc. Innovation of the Year Award for designing an integrative strategic plan to make customers the priory for the enterprise. In 2014, Dr. Nasserzadeh was awarded by the People of Distinction Humanitarian Award in New York City for her humanitarian work around the globe. Dr. Nasserzadeh has been a contributor to numerous books, journals, and white papers. She is highly regarded by her peers and serves on the Board of various professional organizations including the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS) and the American Association for Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT).

Dr. Sara was named as one of the Best Love Doctors by Harpers Bazaar, and one of the Women in the Know by Daily Mirror. named her as one of the 10 Best Sex and Dating Experts in 2015. Dr. Nasserzadeh is based in Palo Alto, California and travels widely.

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