Listen to “#7: Dr. Stephanie Ring – Menopause: Understanding the Inevitable”

As I was putting the podcast together, I put out a little survey to my subscribers asking what kinds of topics people wanted me to cover. While it is not the most frequent presenting concern in my practice, the most frequent request I got in terms of what to talk about on the show was menopause.

I see people in my practice who are dealing with menopause when it is problematic in some way. People report reduced libido, and they talk about changes in their ability to get aroused or be orgasmic. People are sometimes having changes that result in discomfort or pain with sex, so they want to talk about what’s happening and to strategize about what kind of things can be improved. We also talk about what kinds of things they may have to change and how to collaborate with their partner to create a really fulfilling sex life over time.

My guest on this episode is going to talk about how people experience the changes of menopause in varying degrees. While most women will experience some of these changes, some people are more bothered by the changes than others. We cover what the symptoms are, subtle for some and intense for others. We explain what’s happening in your body, what some of the treatment options are, and what you need to keep in mind as you’re working with a medical provider in choosing a treatment.

We also talk about how important it can be to step up your self care and overall health as you approach menopause, if you haven’t done it already.

Dr. Stephanie Ring is a gynecologist and an Integrative Medicine practitioner who specializes in sexual health, hormone replacement, and chronic pelvic pain.

Her practice, Greater Denver Integrative Gynecology is located in Wheat Ridge, Colorado and she’s also a fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. She’s also earning a certificate as a sexuality counselor through the University of Michigan so I’m delighted that she’s here to answer my questions, and yours, about menopause.

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