Why Don't I Want It More?

A Quiz for People Who Struggle With Lack of Desire

Welcome to your quiz: Why don't I have desire?

The strength of your intimacy directly impacts the strength of your relationship. But over time, most couples will struggle with differences in desire, creating stress, pressure, and even avoidance. How are you going to feel as close and connected to your partner as possible if you don't find a way to desire intimacy?


That's why I've take what I've learned about desire for intimacy in my years of clinical practice as an AASECT certified sex therapist and created this quiz to help you understand why you may be struggling with lack of desire. You will get your results and suggestions about how to improve via email, as well as ongoing information and ideas about improving your relationship and creating your best possible intimate life.

This quiz is designed for people that are in a relationship and who want to look at the interactions between themselves and one specific partner.

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