Out of control sexual behavior or sex addiction

Are you concerned about your own sexual behavior in relation to your values?Do you wonder if your sexual behavior is out of control? Are you or someone you love worried that you have a sex addiction? You cannot afford to miss this episode with guest Marc Gilmartin. Marc is a Certified Sex Therapist and Licensed Mental Health Counselor who unpacks how to identify if you have a sexual behavior problem and how to deal with it.

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Marc provides individual and group psychotherapy for a range of clinical issues, but in today’s episode, he shares about Out of Control Sexual Behavior and Erotic Conflict.

Identifying a problem

In his diagnosis of a problem, Marc explains understanding if your sexual behavior is compulsive or conflicting with your values. He identifies the starting point of sexual behavior problems as the discovery or disclosure of an “agreement breaking process”  and provides a few great examples.

Tune in to learn more as Marc discusses the three categories of problems he finds that could help you.

Marc’s Process and Advice

Helping people define their own clear boundaries for sexual behavior is something Marc specializes in through regular one-on-one and group sessions.  Join us to hear Marc’s advice on Couples therapy and when it is needed.

While Marc helps people with their sexual conflicts, his role is not to judge if a behavior is appropriate or inappropriate, but instead for his client to identify what is meaningful to them and align that to their personal values.

He teaches clients that, “it is not necessarily the fact that you were looking for pleasure, it’s the way you were going about trying to get that need met.”

Listen in as he takes us through the stages to achieve that ideal vision of sexual health in relation to each individuals situation.

Getting Help

There are a number of internet support groups, books and 12-step programs available, some of which we discuss on this episode, but they don’t work for everyone.

If you think that talking to Marc might help you to understand any of the issues discussed and how they may relate to yourself, then check out his contact details below and get in touch.

Website: http://marcgilmartin.com/
Email: marc@marcgilmartin.com
Phone: (425) 453-6344


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