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Medical Treatments for Menopause 

Dr. Rebecca Dunsmoor works in Seattle, Washington as an OBGYN specializing in diagnosing and treating unwelcome symptoms of menopause. The North American Menopause Society acknowledges her as a certified menopause practitioner and educator. On her website,, Dr. Dunsmoor maintains a growing collection of menopause-related information and runs an online women’s clinic to assist patients remotely. Dr. Dunsmoor also contributes to, improving their impressive collection of knowledge and resources on menopause and midlife.  

What is Menopause, and What Happens During Menopause? 

If you’ve ever wondered about the true definition of menopause, Dr. Dunsmoor explains its clinical definition and its biological cause on air. Rebecca then explains the three phases of menopause she sees in her practice, allowing us to understand the changes that occur during menopause, and when troublesome symptoms are likely to occur. Rebecca also shares the surprising reason why a healthy sex life isn’t just good for your romantic relationship. 

How Menopause Impacts Health 

Menopause is a natural part of life, but that doesn’t mean we have to let it disrupt our lives. Dr. Dunsmoor explains when you should see an OBGYN for your menopausal symptoms, and the two symptom clusters that often plague women in midlife. You might recognize the systemic problems women encounter when their ovaries stop producing estrogen, but you could be surprised by some of the vaginal symptoms. Dr. Dunsmoor explains those symptoms and the reasons women start to experience them during menopause. 

Frequency of Menopause Symptoms 

Does every woman experience the hot flashes, night sweats, or vaginal symptoms associated with menopause? Dr. Dunsmoor says yes, and no. Learn from her how likely you or women you know are to experience the systemic or vaginal effects of menopause.  

Dr. Dunsmoor says, “Lube is for Everyone.” 

Rebecca Dunsmoor recommends different lubes for different situations. Women whose partners use condoms and those who have sex without a need for condoms can benefit from different products. Dr. Dunsmoor points out the best products on the market and tells you where to find them.  

Treatment Options for Systemic Menopause Symptoms 

Systemic symptoms of menopause can be alleviated with medicines, medical treatments, herbal supplements, alternative medicine, retail products, and lifestyle changes. Want to know what can be done about your symptoms? Dr. Dunsmoor is here to explain what you can do to improve your life, and what over-the-counter treatments might be making your symptoms worse. 

Worried about the cancer risk of hormone therapy? Dr. Dunsmoor discusses the study that popularized the fear of hormone therapy, brings us up to date on current research, and tells us what treatments really cause cancer. 

Treatment Options for Vaginal Menopause Symptoms 

Dr. Dunsmoor describes topical treatments for vaginal and vulvar symptoms of menopause and hormonal treatments that can be applied locally or taken orally to relieve symptoms.  

Dr. Dunsmoor also offers a revolutionary carbon dioxide laser treatment that rejuvenates vaginal tissues to relieve symptoms. Rebecca explains why and how this treatment works, and what you can expect during the process. According to studies she cites, this new treatment relieves symptoms in a whopping 92% of patients.  

The Role of Testosterone in Menopause 

Dr. Dunsmoor explains the changes in testosterone production and management that occur in menopausal women and looks to the future of testosterone management in menopause. 


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