Listen to “#36: Rebecca Coffey – Evolution and Sexual Behavior”

Evolutionary Psychology and Sex

In this episode, Rebecca tells us about Evolutionary Psychology, examining our roles and interactions through a biological and historical lens. Listen in as she compares our human proclivities to our great ape relatives.


Animal Roles – Not an Excuse

Our rules and culture help us to maintain our civility, but males and females still have biological roles. Hear Rebecca talk about the basic ideas of a male’s desire to spread his seed and a female’s inclination to be choosy and selective.

Evolution of Lust and Romance

While nature and nurture are the major contributing factors to our biology and we share some main characteristics with great apes, there are still major differences between humans and other great apes. Enjoy the show as Rebecca presents a unique series of examples comparing and contrasting sexual differences between great apes and humans.

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Science and Lust

The Red Queen: Sex and the evolution of human nature


What happened to Estrus?

Listen to Rebecca talk about ideas relating to Desmond Morris, famed author of The Naked Ape. Hear some of the modern and historical adaptations that humans have developed as open signs of Estrus are not as readily visible as they are in our great ape relatives.

Great Apes and Humans

Rebecca presents a viewpoint on Modern Civilization and the inclination towards war and aggressive tendencies. We enjoy some interesting commentary discussing the variations of sexual proclivities in the great ape world and the fascinating habits of one particular species, the Bonobo.

How do these perspectives help humans?

Tune in to hear Rebecca offer a personal anecdote. We learn the importance of the nose in choosing a mate and how this can help us better understand our similarities to the great apes, and more importantly develop a better understanding between partners.

“Understanding our evolutionary past helps us seem, yes, more animalistic, but more human.”

Conflict in Power

Listen as Rebecca helps to develop further, the understanding of the inequality of power between men and women and the unfortunate consequences.

On the Romantic Side

What is the importance of a kiss? How does a kiss play a part in romantic behaviors? Join in to hear about the importance of kissing and other romantic behaviors. Is there romance in suicide or jumping out of trees? Find out as Rebecca presents this issue and others within historical and cultural contexts.

Listen as Rebecca clarifies the purpose of the texts of the Atharvaveda, the Knowledge Storehouse of Procedures for Everyday Life, and the Kamasutra. We enjoy some lighthearted banter as the discussion continues, comparing these ancient texts with a modern take on kissing tips from

The Importance of Size

It’s not what you think, as Rebecca clarifies some of her own perspectives along with research that demonstrates women’s preferences for something bigger, but it’s not about the genitals. Tune in and find out.

About Rebecca Coffey

Rebecca Coffey is an award-winning science journalist and television documentarian. Over the course of her long career, she has contributed regularly to Scientific American and Discover magazines and to major market newspapers. She is a commentator for Vermont Public Radio and a columnist for Coffey is also a novelist and a humorist.

Links and How to contact Rebecca Coffey

(Book links are affiliate links – meaning I make a small percentage on your purchase if you use these links)

Other Books by the Author:

Science and Lust

Anna Freud’s Story (She Writes Press, 2014). A novel.
Nietzsche’s Angel Food Cake: And Other Recipes for the Intellectually Famished (Beck and Branch, 2013). Humor.
Unspeakable Truths and Happy Endings: Human Cruelty and the New Trauma Therapy (Sidran Press, 1998). Nonfiction.

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