For the therapist, coach, or service professional who is tired of trading time for money

Build an Online Course to Generate Passive Income, Reduce Client Work, and Help More People!

Passive (or leveraged) income doesn’t just happen… 

It is created one step at a time.

There are specific components to creating an online course business that must be mastered if you actually expect to get the financial freedom you want!

Getting Paid Hourly Kinda Sucks. Especially if you’re looking for more free time, right?!

And it can be confusing when you got into your line of work to help people, but you feel relief when a client cancels…because you need the break! How can you be feeling burned out even after a long weekend or a vacation?

Which of these apply to you?

  • You look forward to Friday because you’re tired
  • You worry about taking more time off since you won’t get paid
  • You want to help people but you have a waiting list because you just can’t work any more hours
  • You have clients on your schedule that you don’t enjoy but you can’t afford to turn them away


If this is you, I’ve got you! And if you’re like most of the service professionals I work with, you want to help people…

…but not at the expense of your own free time and freedom!

Well, the reality is this:


  • As therapists, coaches, and professionals, we get paid for the sessions and meetings we conduct.
  • Once we raise our rates, the only other way to make more money is to work more hours. And more than that, if we take vacation, get sick, need to stay home with our kids, or want to cut back our working hours, we lose money! We are basically trapped in our chair!


How are you ever going to be able to work less while keeping or increasing your revenue if you don’t have a way to make money that doesn’t rely on just seeing clients?

 If you’re doing this…

 (Filling your schedule with clients but also knowing you’re tired and trending toward burnout) then…

You’re earning all your income from an (albeit generous) hourly wage.


I mean… is there any end in sight? If you’re like most helpers who work with me, it’s very likely a “no.”

But this is all ok! Because you’ve been focusing on your work directly with clients! Valuable, helpful work. Work that makes a difference in the world.

The irony is that without some ease and freedom in our schedule, many of us burn out, feel some dread about our work, and possibly even quit. And there goes the difference we are making in the world!

Think about it! You only have so many hours in a day to see clients. How much can you really raise your fees? Do you want to have to work nights or weekends? Do you want your calendar filled to the gills?

NO! Of course not! So how are you going to have a bigger impact? How are you going to reach people outside the geographic reach of your office (or professional license)?


Building an online course doesn’t just generate passive income. It also:

Dramatically extends your impact by allowing you to serve people you’d have to turn away!

Helps you ditch any hesitation to take time off or worry when you need to be home with your kids!

Reduces SEASONAL FLUCTUATIONS in your business by creating an additional revenue stream!

Creates the freedom to choose how much to work and which clients to take! There’s flexibility in how you operate as a provider.

And… it does all of this for you without YOU having to do all the work one on one in your office!

We’d love to chat about how we could help

The #1 Mistake Hourly Professionals Keep Making

We tend to be focused on our direct client work and are committed to creating the relationship and process that helps clients. 

But it’s a mistake to think we only help people when we meet with them privately in our office.

This is what leads us to squeeze in more clients. To have a hard time saying no. Or to feel bad when we have to turn people away.

And you already know that filling your business does NOT mean you can help everyone who needs you.


Working with more clients will burn us out! Cutting back hours will cost us money! Some burned out helpers try to manage the “hours for dollars” by raising rates. And that’s great. But you can only raise them so far and still get clients. Some add extra hours, trying to fit everyone in. Some just take the financial hit and work less, but not only does their income drop, but their impact narrows, as well.

But the reality is, moving the different levers of the “time for money” machine doesn’t change the limitations of the situation! While you can make some difference in your $ vs time equation, your income is still tied to your presence in the office!

In fact, until you decide to BREAK OUT OF THE TIME FOR MONEY TRAP, your income, your free time, and your impact are tied to the hours in a day and how many of them you’re willing to spend at work.

Or Worse! Mistake #2…

Believing you don’t have something special or unique to offer. You may think you need some novel new idea that no one else is teaching. Or that you have to have discovered a brand new approach for  helping people. 

So you may put this whole project off. “I’ll do it once I have more experience. Or another credential. Or when I come up with something no one else is doing!”

You’re not the only professional in your business. Why would you need to be the only person offering a course in your niche?

There are people who NEED your content, your approach, your  personality, and your voice. You DESERVE a business that lets you help without it burning you out!

How else are you going to take time off without a second thought or reduce your working hours permanently if you haven’t found a way to earn passive (or highly leveraged) income?!

But when you keep plugging away in your business, seeing clients day after day, you never get to EXPAND who you can help beyond the geographic reach of your office (or license). Or beyond the hours you have open on your schedule. Instead, it can become exhausting. You can get tired of saying the same things and sharing the same concepts with each new client. Heck! It can even cause you to think about finding an entirely different line of work!

What happens when more time goes by and you stay this busy?

Or you go weeks, months, or years without any light at the end of the tunnel, any sense that you can afford to work less?

 Creating Your Own Online Course is the Best Way to Help More People, Earn More Money, and Have the Option to Work Less!

When you TAKE A LOT OF WHAT YOU DO WITH CLIENTS and BUILD it into an online course, you can share that information with so many more people!

You can create it once and use it repeatedly.

You already know the content; you just record what you’re already doing with your paying clients.

It is more accessible and affordable for your students than paying for your one on one time.

You can serve people who could never come to your office, whether that’s because you are completely booked or because they don’t live in your region (or within the geographic reach of your professional license).

It gives your students flexibility! It allows people to work at their own pace and to return to the content over and over again if they wish.

It can be easily updated, expanded, or improved over time, keeping the content current.

THAT is leveraging your time and your knowledge!

But I Get It!




There is a lot to creating a course, and it does take some time on the front end to create the time freedom in your future.

MOST frustrated helpers give up when they they think this is too hard. But do you really want to give up on diversifying your income? Do you really want to abandon this because it seems hard?

Of course not! Consider the hard things you’ve done in your life! When you first started school to learn your profession, did it all seem simple? When you were about to set up your business, did you know everything you needed to do? NO. You learned it. You found resources. You may have even consulted a mentor or hired a coach.

And no problem just magically goes away while we pretend it isn’t there, right?

It is so easy to tell yourself it’s okay. To say, “I’ll deal with this later, when I’m less busy.” Or, “Maybe I’ll have more time next year.”

Or even, “Maybe I can just keep working this way and figure out how to enjoy it and not get burned out.”


Are you as energized in your work as you used to be?

Do you ever have a sinking feeling when you see a certain client on your schedule?

Do you feel bad that you’ve abandoned your vision of offering low or no cost services to those that need it?

Do you have some anxiety come up when you realize snow has shut down your business for a week or the kids are home sick and you need to cancel billable meetings?

Do you really want a life where your income is completely tied to your being in the office?


So What’s More Important?

…that you do *EVERYTHING* you can do to create balance in your work life so you can enjoy the clients you see…

OR that you stay in your (dis)comfort zone and keep putting it off, hoping you’ll get ahead financially enough that you can cut back your hours some day in the future?

You want MORE freedom, not less, right?

The reality is, your well-being has a direct impact on your ability to help other people! And the beautiful paradox here is that figuring out how to help people OUTSIDE OF YOUR OFFICE helps you and helps them!

So, now that you see just how vital leveraging your time and knowledge is to your overall freedom, you may begin to feel the slightly daunting and mysterious task of actually doing it…

Don’t get in your own way

Do you currently suffer from the “Who Am I To Do This?” Syndrome?

If you’re like most who have read this far, you’re starting to see the power of creating an online course and what it will do to the reduce the stress on you and broaden the impact you could have… but you’re probably imagining yourself trying to design a course and thinking,

“Is this really going to help people? Do I have enough to offer? Aren’t there others who are better at this than I am?!”

It can be so daunting to put ourselves out there in the world as an expert, saying that we have something that people might want. And that we’re going to charge for it!. And I get it.

But here’s a little ‘Insider Secret’ for you:



You see, every time you share perspective or information with a client,  every time you share a concept, every time you recommend a book or resource, and every time you give them something to complete, you are helping people in a way you can do inside a course. And you do this every day.

Your voice MATTERS. You have a unique way of talking about your topic. You have your own lens about what helps people create change. You have your own life experience and experience with other clients that no one else has! There are people out there who need this information FROM YOU!!

So, what if you had a step-by-step way to extract your unique content and approach? What if you had a process for building this into a course that could sell on repeat? What if you had a guide to walk you though every part of the marketing and selling of this course?


“Starting a whole new venture alongside your therapy practice can be incredibly daunting. It’s hard even to know where to begin. I know I experienced a lot of analysis paralysis – so many options! Jessa cuts through all of that. She’s not bossy and she doesn’t tell you exactly what to do, but she gives you defaults for all of the decisions, which is incredibly helpful. Even better, her defaults are based on a ton of expensive research and a proven model that has really worked for her. If what you really need is structure and guidance, then Jessa’s got your back.”


We’d love to chat about how we could help

 You could do this

Imagine for just a moment

Imagine if you had a your course launched and it was helping more and more people all over the country ... and it was taking almost none of your time!

No more burnout!

No more worry!

No more boredom!

No more need to work beyond your capacity!

What if…

…you looked forward to every client on your schedule (instead of feeling like you can’t turn many people away)

…you could choose to have 3 or 4 day weekends every week! (instead of limiting your time off because it costs you money)…

…you had the pleasure of seeing revenue come in overnight or while you’re on vacation (and knowing there’s more where that came from)…

…You could have the freedom that comes from a new revenue source just months from RIGHT NOW!

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Well, you don’t have to “imagine” any longer. Because… it’s here.


The Leveraged Expert™ Academy

The Complete Step-by-Step Program for building and selling your own online course!


The exact steps that my students and I have taken to create and sell an online course


All the support you need to work through the entire process, including coaching and feedback


Connect with others who share your goals and want to support you on your journey


Lifetime access to the program so you can move as fast or as slowly as fits your situation

Here’s what you’ll learn

See what’s waiting for you inside once you become a member

Learn exactly who you help and how you help them

Your Unique Solution

You need to uncover your unique genius and gift that you want to bring to the world and exactly who it’s for: your niche.

You’ll identify what sets you apart and what you’re passionate about doing in your work. You’ll get clear on your ideal client as well as who they are when they have gone through transformation.


  • The secret to choosing your niche for best success
  • How to connect with your ideal customers by understanding their struggles and their desires
  • Turning your customer’s objections into powerful reasons to enroll
  • The most important thing for you that builds demand for your program

Build a following and keep them engaged

Your Mailing List

You need to begin to build an audience for your eventual course. Will you just sell your course to your own business clients?? No! In this section…


    and how to present it so people join your mailing list
    that keeps your audience engaged and eager for more
    in order to build a social media following
    and it’s easier than you think! 

Package your program with bonuses and a compelling price

Crafting Your Offer

“It’s Not Enough to Build Your Course… it’s Gotta Be Presented in an Irresistible Way, Right?!”

People will not just magically decide to enroll in your course. We also have to package it inside of an irresistible offer. That’s the beauty of the Leveraged Expert Academy – you will understand exactly what your ideal students need to succeed and to decide to enroll!

Think about it! Do your students really want an online course? No! They want a result!

That’s why we’ve given you all the steps and tools to present your course in a way that will draw the right people to it.

  • The 3 most powerful things to understand about your ideal students you can use to perfectly meet their needs
  • The most efffective ways to overcome the obstacles that will block people from enrolling
  • The most important thing no one told you about the way to price your program
  • How to create bonuses and make sure they add value

Get paid to develop your program

Your Beta Launch

You need a way to develop your material and get feedback from students, making sure you have a viable offer.

You’ll put together this first beta test of your program with a small number of students at a reduced price in exchange for feedback. This gives you a chance to work out the kinks and get recordings of the material.

In this section…

Get Paid to Put Your Course Together and Test the Viability of Your Concept!
    and how it makes it easy to create it from scratch 
    and how to make sure they have success
    in order to turn this into a profitable business
    so you can easily get students moving forward 

Master the power of messaging to connect with your ideal students

Your Messaging

You Need a Clear and Consistent Presence With Your Audience… So That You Are Drawing the Right People to You!

You need to build exposure and enthusiasm for your message and your method.

You’ll develop a messaging strategy that is used in videos, emails, and social media posts. This consistent and cohesive messaging builds demand for your program.

  • The 3 most powerful themes you can use to connect with your ideal followers
  • The most effective ways to change beliefs that keep people stuck
  • The most important thing no one told you about the power of video 
  • How to repurpose content and cut your workload dramatically

Create the final product that will sell on autopilot

Building Your Program

You need to build your program so that you deliver exactly what your audience needs to achieve their transformation.

You’ll lay out every part of your program, including resources, handouts, and assessments. You’ll identify the bonuses to include that help overcome any objections potential students would have. You’ll create the frameworks that help you easily communicate how it works and why it’s exactly what your students need. You’ll develop the language that makes this solution uniquely yours, setting it apart from any competition. You’ll decide exactly how to structure your course. You’ll get it all recorded and edited, as well as uploaded onto the course platform. You’ll design your landing page, your pricing structure, your legal terms, and your guarantee. You’ll hook up payment options so you’re ready to sell.

    and how it makes it easy for your students to complete 
    and how to communicate their value effectively
    in order to build trust and loyalty with your students
    so they sell your course for you 

Create a compelling case for your program while offering value

Recording Your Sales Webinar

People need to change the way they are thinking and approaching their issue to have a breakthrough!

You need a sales mechanism to introduce your program to your audience and to drive conversion.

You’ll learn how to create your signature webinar. You’ll develop both the content and the design so that it can effectively prepare your audience to become students in your program.

That’s why we’ve given you powerful prompts to build out the various content pieces of the webinar. You’ll fill it with value, and you’ll set the stage to pitch your program to a very receptive audience.

  • The 3 most important elements to include that will build trust and confidence with your audience
  • The most effective ways to create demand for your program that make it an easy pivot to the pitch
  • The most important thing you can do to convert your audience to students 
  • How to talk about your program without feeling too salesy

Build the mechanism that allows you to get paid while you sleep

Your Evergreen Funnel

This is where the magic happens!

You need to set up your program to generate ongoing revenue while you sleep.

You’ll create all the pieces of your funnel that promote, convert, and empower your students, including webinar promotion and registration, email sequences that create urgency, and follow up emails for people who don’t buy yet.

In this section…

    and how you help your students when you move them toward a decision 
    so you can bring them on board later
    in order to increase your conversion rate for sales
    so you set it up once and it continues to generate ROI 

Turn your course into a growing revenue stream

Selling and Scaling

“You Want to Help More People and Earn More Money, Right?!”

You need to develop ways for people to become leads and ultimately customers.

You’ll implement strategies that harness organic traffic and convert them into leads. You’ll promote your webinar across multiple platforms. You’ll find affiliate partners and begin advertising.

  • The most powerful relationships you can build so you can promote to other people’s audiences
  • The most efffective ways to increase unpaid leads that can convert to students
  • The most important thing no one told you about the power of consistency 
  • How to advertise and dramatically increase your potential market


    “I find the clear module checklists to be incredibly helpful. And the coaching calls are criticcal during this period. I am so glad I signed up for this course!”



    This is Great…But

    What If There’s A Lot Going On In My Life Right Now?

    This is about the time where you might be saying, “I am so busy in my business right now… Shouldn’t I wait until I can cut back on clients?” NO.

    The Time Is Never Right, and the Best Time Is Now!

    There will always be reasons to put off creating your course. There’s always something that can seem more important. You will always be busy. You may be thinking, “But maybe once X, Y, and Z happen, it’ll be easier.”  Sound familiar?

    …but isn’t this exactly how you’ve gotten to this point without another way to earn money?! Without something to take the pressure off your schedule?

    I don’t want you to continue to move toward burnout. Every day that goes by like this is one more where you aren’t creating that freedom in your life.

    …postponing this is actually moving it out of reach.




    If you were going to enroll in all the programs to teach you the different pieces included in Leveraged Expert™ Academy, you’d pay over $60,000 (like I did!). If you decided  to comb the internet to piece it together yourself, you’d spend tens and tens and tens of hours (at what, $200 or more per hour?) to get a lot of information without knowing how to put it together or in what order to proceed.

    When You Enroll in The Leveraged Expert Academy, You’re Getting The Culmination of All the Training I’ve Done and My Experience Creating a Successful Online Course! 

    We’d love to chat about how we could help

    And There is More!

    When you enroll, you’ll also get these awesome bonuses:

    (Valued at $25,991)

    Bonus #1 

    The Success and Support Bonus Bundle

    Imagine just how much easier it will be to do all this work when you don’t have to do it alone! In fact, the coaching calls are the place to actually workshop your materials together, giving you hands on support and feedback. That’s why I’m including at least three group calls per month:

    • “HOT SEATS” in which everyone on the call is helping you with your work!
    • OPEN Q & A to make sure you get every question answered!
    • TWO “LIFELINE” CALLS PER QUARTER of the first year, where you can get 1:1 help when you need it.
    • LIFETIME ACCESS to the calls so there is no rush!

    Bonus #2

    The Massive Time Saving Bonus Bundle

    What if I included all kinds of resources, checklists, and templates for you so you don’t have to create anything from scratch? That’s exactly what we’ve done with this $9,997 gift… yours free!

    My team and I have spent a year creating the step by step processes and checklists, tech demo videos, and templates for everything you need and have put them together in this bonus bundle for you – saving you massive time!


    • The Ultimate Step by Step Processes
      No more wondering what to do next or how to organize your work!
    • Tech Videos to Demonstrate Everything
      Demo videos are embedded in the processes to walk you through how to do everything! Perfect for everyone who isn’t “techy”!
    • Templates and Examples
      So you never have to create anything from scratch!
    • Workbooks for Every Step
      Use these tools to keep track of your work!

    Bonus #3 

    The Hiring and Outsourcing Kit

    Take back your time by outsourcing a lot of the behind the scenes work. In this bonus you get:

  • HOW TO MANAGE YOUR VA in 30 minutes per week!
  • THE TRICK TO OUTSOURCING the tasks that create a bottleneck in your time.
  • VIRTUAL ASSISTANT ACCESS to the program so they can follow the step by step processes for you!

    “I felt lost, aimless and scattered as I pondered creating an online course prior to joining Leveraged Expert Academy. I knew I had the passion, purpose, intelligence, and drive to create a meaningful online course but I didn’t know where to begin and options felt endless. The coaching calls are priceless! They support me in gaining clarity & direction and keep me motivated as I create my content.”



    Jessa has a teaching style that makes the process of creating an online course much more doable. She is available for questions, explains each step patiently, and creates a reliable platform for success. She teaches all the specifics necessary to make a course, and I am excited to be part of her cohort.”


    We’d love to chat about how we could help

    This is for you if:

    • You want an additional source of passive income
    • You have expertise you can share with people who want to learn
    • You’re someone who is willing to put in work on the front end for results in the future

    This is not for you if:

    • You’re looking for easy money or a get rich quick scheme
    • You don’t have any time to put into the project and/or you don’t want to hire someone else to help
    • You want to figure this all out yourself and do it without support or community

    Are you ready to build your own course?

    Generate passive income, help more people, and have the option to work less!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What's the time commitment?

    I’ll be honest, this does take work! But once you’ve created your course, you can (mostly) sit back and relax. And I have broken the process into steps, and I’ll tell you exactly where to put your energy.

    In less than one year, you could have all this done, and your program could already be bringing in revenue. And even if you don’t finish it within the year, you will be well on your way to your final product.

    When you join the Leveraged Expert Academy, the coaching/working sessions will be offered at least three times a month and will also likely go for 1-2 hours, depending on how many questions you all have.

    Then there is work for you to do between meetings to create your course.

    What kinds of expenses will I have?

    You will need to invest in the software you need to create and run your program, though hopefully that is small compared to your eventual sales. I am working on a list of the needed software and the investment required.

    You will want to spend money on advertising and promotion, once everything is set up and converting. You may also pay affiliate commission to people who promote you to their audience.

    You may also want to hire an inexpensive virtual assistant to help you with some tasks.

    What software do I need?

    You will need a course hosting platform, an email service provider, recording and editing software, graphics software, social media posting software, webinar hosting software, among others.

    While you can choose any software you like, the tech videos and teaching are all based on the software we recommend: Kajabi (course, email, opt in software), Zoom (webinar), Smarterqueue (social media), Canva (graphics), EverWebinar (webinar host), and WeVideo (video editing). If you choose something else, you can apply the concepts but will need to use other resources to learn those tech pieces.

    Are there refunds available?

    No, there are no refunds. We are committed to your success and only accept people who are as committed to the project.

    How does the support work?

    When you join Leveraged Expert Academy, you get lifetime access to a private discussion community. You also get ongoing access to small group coaching calls that are held at least 3 times per month. You can attend live or submit questions in advance and watch the recording. You also get 2 “lifeline” calls each quarter of your first year where you can hop on a zoom call and get help right when you need it.

    Is this only for therapists?

    No. Anyone who wants to build an online course from scratch can use this same blueprint to create an evergreen course.

    Because I am a therapist, I am well versed in some of the particular challenges we face and the adaptations we have to make. These include more personal disclosure in an online program, separating this business from your therapy practice for liability and licensing reasons, extracting some of your therapeutic knowledge and experience into an online course as appropriate, and shifting away from trying to be inclusive and serve everyone so you can niche and market your program effectively.

    Many of these same challenges face anyone who works with clients in their business.

    Can I cancel my payments?

    The monthly installment plan is offered as a convenience. It is not a month-to-month subscription that can be cancelled. If you were offered an installment plan, you are obligated to complete all the installments.

    I’m here to help

    My Name is Jessa

    I am the Founder and CEO of the Leveraged Expert Academy, an online group coaching program that helps people turn their expertise into passive income through the creation and marketing of their own online course.

    I am an AASECT certified sex therapist who works in private practice helping couples with sex and intimacy.

    I am also the author of the book, Sex Without Stress, and the host of the Better Sex Podcast.

    After turning my own approach to sex therapy into an online course, The Desire Spa, I began sharing that process with other therapists, coaches, and service professionals.

    I currently live in Seattle with my partner, I am a proud mother of three adult children, an expert knitter, and an avid hockey fan. 

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