Listen to “#38: Dr. Steven Davidson – Pornography”

Pornography – the good and the bad

Listen to the discussion of the role of Erotica and Pornography in a relationship and the positive and negative impacts.

Defining Pornography

What is the definition of pornography? Listen as Steven succinctly describes pornography and erotica and the overlapping interpretations of arousing materials. Hear the use and role of sex in regularly available cultural artifacts like magazines and videos.

Problems discussed in therapy

What are the issues in relationships and for individuals? Hear Steven identify how males and females present their concerns at the onset of therapy discussions.

Comparing and Contrasting Males and Females

Tune in as Steven discusses arousal for males and females. Hear him identify the differences and further the discussion of identifying sexually arousing materials for men and women.

Usefulness of Pornography

Is there a positive effect of using pornography? Listen as Steven describes the initial visual interactions of males with sex and arousing material. Steven illustrates the point that pornography often fills the role of sexual education for young adolescent males in the absence of other guiding forces.

Talking about Sexuality

Steven emphasizes the importance of identifying false expectations based on pornographic materials and the significance for appropriate communication with adolescents.

Accessible Pornography

The significance of shame and the accessibility of pornography are ideas that drive some individuals to use porn. Join in to hear  Steven describe how the easy accessibility of pornography helps people avoid interactions and an associated shame of sex.

Identifying Problematic Situations

“What is the negative impact in your life as a result of this?” We learn about the personal and professional scenarios where pornography has impacted his clients. Listen as he talks about the need for being specific to examine the impact of pornography on a person’s life.

Me Time

Hear Steven talk about how men describe the use of pornography as “me time”.  He highlights this issue to springboard into the topic of the purpose of porn for his clients and then how this affects a partner’s perspective in the relationship.

Improving Communication in a Relationship

Steven emphasizes how starting the discussion about pornography in a relationship helps improve communication and can help open the conversation about sexual preferences and interests between partners.

Changing Behavior

How do you initiate the change for personal improvement? We learn about the beginning for any personal change. He identifies lifestyle changes that are necessary to move forward.

“If you’re on a diet, do not go into the ice cream parlor to see what flavors they’re serving.” Listen as Steven describes how changes in circumstance are necessary for real changes to occur in one’s lifestyle and interactions with pornography.

Cutting Back

How about cutting back on pornography use? Steven discusses the ability or lack thereof to balance pornography use and cutting back.

Focusing on the Individual

Hear as Steven discusses how much the average male uses pornography and find out about one of the major reasons people seek his help.

About Steven Davidson

Steven Davidson is a clinical sexologist in private practice, licensed in Tennessee and Florida. He has a master’s degree in social work and a Ph.D. in clinical sexology. He is certified as a sex therapist by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists. He has more than 30 years’ experience helping individuals and couples achieve more fulfilling sexual relationships and embrace their authentic sexual self.

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