#201 – Barriers to Female Sexual Pleasure – Kristine D’Angelo

#201 – Barriers to Female Sexual Pleasure – Kristine D’Angelo

Listen to “201: Barriers to Female Sexual Pleasure – Kristine D’Angelo”

Barriers to Female Sexual Pleasure 

Certified sex coach Kristine D’Angelo talks about pleasure and feeling empowered when it comes to sexespecially for vagina owners. Conversationally, she tackles the most common barriers for vagina owners in achieving sexual pleasure and the kinds of expectations that they’re up against based on societal standards. The differences and similarities between sex coaches and sex therapist are also discussed so people can make the best choice when seeking help. 

What’s the difference between sex coaching and sex therapy? 

Sex coaching is very much about behavioral changes and practicing those changes in order to feel confident and more connected to your body in order to achieve pleasure. Sex therapy is forming a strong relationship first, and where sex coaching can be built off of. 

Why specialize in coaching women? 

Kristine wants to watch women step back into their sexuality and become confident and comfortable and advocate for their pleasure. She has been in a position where she has lost her power during a sexual encounter, and she knows how helpless that can make a person feel.  

What are the different pressures that make it even more difficult for vagina owners to achieve sexual fulfillment? 

One of the biggest obstacles is constant comparison – from comparing themselves to other vagina owners, to comparing their body to the idol standards of what society thinks is beautiful. This behavior tends to work inwards rather than outwards, where women start to think that there is something wrong with them and that they are below societal standards. Also, women are not explicitly given permission to explore their sexuality in our society as opposed to men. 

What would people expect working with you or somebody like you? 

Through holistic coaching, different questions are asked, like, “Where do you want your sex life to be six months from now without worrying what could get in the way or what could go wrong?” By describing your ideal sex life, a sex coach would then ask you to do home assignments based on a customized action plan.  


Kristine D’Angelo is a Certified Sex Coach who works with women and couples, coaching her clients towards sexual fulfillment. Kristine has worked hard creating a safe and comfortable space for her clients to explore and embrace their sexuality. She’s always exposing herself to learning in depth about human sexuality, relationships, being an ally to the LGBTQ community and volunteering for organizations that promote a sex-positive society. 

Kristine holds a degree in Sociology and Community Health and certification through Sex Coach U. She has always been drawn to human interactions and has focused on human sexuality as her main passion in life and path in education. The hard work her clients experience encourages her to change the world through sexually enlightening and empowering people through her sex coaching. 

“Watching my clients become sexually empowered is the highlight of my life’s work, I want the world to experience this level of self-awareness.” 

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