#147 – Becoming Sex Positive

#147 – Becoming Sex Positive

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Becoming Sex Positive 

Heather Shannon joins us on this episode to delve deeper into what being sex positive or sex negative actually means. In explaining what it actually means, Shannon relates it to a sense of freedom that you would find between two consenting parties to express whoever they are with each other. 

We discover how sex negativity is integrated into our society and how liberating it can be to know other variations and options regarding sexuality. 

What Does it Mean to Be Sex Negative 

Shannon shares examples of this which include discomfort around sexual orientation, performance anxiety and unusual fetishes. Being unable or uncomfortable to say NO also hinges on sex negativity as Shannon explains in more detail. Interestingly, she notes that people with sexual trauma can be sex positive. 

With many cultural and social factors working against sex positivity, Shannon highlights the sex education at schools as a key area that can be improved to move children toward a healthier perception of sex. 

What Does it Mean to Be Sex Positive  

A broad definition of this is being able to express your sexual self and feeling comfortable with it. Shannon points out that providing a space for this kind of expression fuels sex positivity. She suggests being selective about the social media you subscribe to and to intentionally surround yourself with sex positive content. 

Another tip she shares is having a sex therapist that can provide you with a safe space to be yourself to improve your sex positivity. 


Heather Shannon, LCPC is a Sex & Relationship Therapist who works with individuals and relationship partners through online video sessions. She is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in Illinois, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Meditation Guide and completed a Certificate in Sexual Health from University of Michigan with a focus on both Sex Therapy and Sexuality Education. Heather’s focus is on working with the Alt Sex community, helping people heal attachment wounds and integrating sexuality and spirituality. 

Links and Resources 



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#68: Rachel Keller & Beverly Dale – Sex Positivity in the Christian Faith

#68: Rachel Keller & Beverly Dale – Sex Positivity in the Christian Faith

Listen to “68: Rachel Keller & Beverly Dale – Sex Positivity in the Christian Faith”

Sexual Health within the Christian Faith
Starting with a little background on Rachel, she is a psychotherapist who works with clients who have experienced trauma and in sexuality in general. When considering her certification, she has been certified through AASECT and is a part of the American Academy of Psychotherapists. Rachel has long been equal parts fascinated and troubled by the suppression of sexuality from the church, and she looks to bridge the gap between a healthy practice and expression of sexuality and faith.


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