#121 – [Personal Story] Trauma as Tribal Initiation – Harriet

#121 – [Personal Story] Trauma as Tribal Initiation – Harriet

Listen to “121: [Personal Story] Trauma as Tribal Initiation – Harriet”

Trauma as Tribal Initiation 

Harriet joins us in this episode and shares her how her childhood molestation led to compulsive eating, a fear of men, painful sex, and other hallmarks of traumatic experiences before she was taught to conceptualize her trauma as an unfinished tribal initiation. She shares her story in this episode.  (more…)

#121 – [Personal Story] Trauma as Tribal Initiation – Harriet

#101 – [Personal Story] – Healing from Abuse – Toni

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Healing From Abuse

 My guest, whom I call Toni in this episode, is here to share a personal story of abuse and eventual transformation. Within the interview, she shares a lot of difficult episodes and traumas in her life in a brave and transparent way. You will get a lot out of this episode will learn that despite the hardest upbringing, there can be transformation, growth, and healing along the way. Please listen along and support Toni as she shares her story here. 

#77: How Childbirth Affects Men – Dr. Amy Gilliland

#77: How Childbirth Affects Men – Dr. Amy Gilliland

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Men and childbirth 

My guest is Dr. Amy Gilliland, Ph.D., ADVCD/BDT(DONA), CSE (AASECT). She is a doula, an AASECT certified sexual educator, and her work has been extensively shared and published in many prestigious academic journals on the subject of sexuality and various aspects of childbirth. 

This episode largely deals with men (with female birthing partners) and the influences that childbirth and post-childbirth time periods can have, not just physically but psychologically as well. 

Sexual attraction and desire might actually diminish after watching their female partner give birth, relationship dynamics can change, and there are a myriad more things to consider from the male perspective as well. 

This talk spans a wide array of very important facets of the subject–all of which is driven by Dr. Amy’s expert insight. 


#121 – [Personal Story] Trauma as Tribal Initiation – Harriet

#49: Stephen [Personal Story] – Tantra for Healing

Listen to “#49: Stephen [Personal Story] – Tantra for Healing”

It is time for another personal story. As always, on my show, I like to shine a spotlight on important stories from people who need to tell them. These personal stories offer fresh perspectives on subjects that should be discussed, listened to, ponder over, and written about. And my guest has a story that to my knowledge has never been told before. (more…)

#121 – [Personal Story] Trauma as Tribal Initiation – Harriet

#39: Heather [Personal Story] – Sexual Trauma & Awakening

A personal story of trauma and awakening

Listen to the story of Heather and her traumatic experiences which led to her transformative journey in her own life.

She grew up feeling like an outsider with feelings of inadequacy. Hear Heather describe her struggles that initially presented in her young life and how these difficulties led her into risk-taking situations to fit in. (more…)

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