Tantra offers a lot of gifts. It can help  you be present. It can increase your sense of connection. It can lead you to a greater understanding of who you are in your physical body.

It can be extremely hard to get out of your own head. People get distracted by their to-do list, by stresses of life, what they must do for work. They’re distracted by concerns that are keeping them up at 4:00 in the morning. A lot of people, even if they aren’t distracted, are so used to thinking and analyzing, it’s called being up in your head instead of in your body.


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And the ability to drop into your body and be present and feel what you’re feeling and be in the moment it’s important. And it’s certainly important in sex and in connecting with a partner.

There are practices like mindfulness, which is popular, learning to meditate, learning to get into your body, learning to let go of thoughts. Those are powerful. But another thing along those lines is Tantric practice.

Most of us think about Tantra as some sort of mysterious sexual training or activity but it’s really about getting out of your mind and into your body and into the moment and connecting intimately with yourself and with other people.

Tantric practitioner and teacher Matthias Rose has a wealth of knowledge and experience and a passion for sharing this with people. He and his wife Pandora Rose sort of discovered Tantra on their own. They kind of tripped into it having sort of mystical experiences with each other and their own sexual relationship. And from there it opened their eyes to “where is this coming from, how do we learn more about this?”

He went on to learn a lot about Tantra and get more formal training in it. He’s based in Seattle and he offers events and workshops. He’s got a community space and he does private coaching and healing sessions with people and he agreed to be on the show today.

During this delightful conversation, we talk about the history of Tantra and clear up some common misconceptions surrounding its association with sex and yoga. Matthias informs us what to look for in a Tantric Healer and Practitioner. We also cover some easy exercises you can use to begin to incorporate the healing power of Tantra in your life today and so much more.

Matthias believes Tantra can bring rapid transformation to sexual intimacy, emotional connection, and any major stumbling blocks in life.

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